Vision Statement


The vision of Cornerstone Baptist Church is to be a church that is actively loving Jesus and enthusiastically sharing that love with others, locally and globally, to see His kingdom grow.

What does it mean to actively love Jesus?

To actively love Jesus is to accept His grace and to trust in that grace alone for your salvation. This grace alone is what justifies us. Because of this grace we have a desire to grow closer to Jesus through a process called sanctification. Sanctification is the lifelong process of growing closer to Jesus through, prayer, worship, bible study, ministry, repentance, and others. Actively loving Jesus is relying on Him while striving to be like Him.

What does it mean to enthusiastically share the love of Jesus?

Sharing the love of Jesus does not just happen on Sunday or when you are at church. Sharing the love of Jesus is a way of life. It is the way you act, the way you talk, and the way you relate to others.

How do we do this Locally?

We share our faith with our families, friends, and neighbors. We participate in different ministries that evangelize, disciple, or minister to our local community. We live our life in a way that views our community the way Jesus would.

How do we do this Globally?

Because Jesus commands us to reach the world, we will participate in short/long term mission activities. We will support global missions by participating in them and by financially supporting them.

What is Jesus’ Kingdom?

Jesus’ kingdom is all people who fall under His kingship. Jesus came to this earth as a servant, but also as a king. His kingdom did not look like other kingdoms, but His has the most power. In His kingdom Jesus is King, and as King he has conquered sin through His death and resurrection. Sin is mankind’s number one enemy. Sin according to scripture is what kills us and separates us from God. Jesus has provided mankind with freedom from sins bondage, but that freedom can only be realized in Jesus’ Kingdom.

The next time Jesus comes He will not come as servant, but as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.