Our Goal is to build strong spiritual leaders at home and in the church. We also strive to make each other accountable for our actions, our daily Bible reading, praying and offering help to those in need. Through out the year we get together and enjoy fellowship by having men’s breakfast, wild game dinners, up north men’s retreats,service projects…



The Women’s Ministry provides the women of Cornerstone Baptist Church with opportunities to grow deeper in Christ, fellowship together, edify one another, and serve each other, all for the glory of God. It is our desire to create a welcoming atmosphere that helps women to feel Christ’s love, make friendships, and to continue growing with our sisters…



The Bible calls children “a heritage from the Lord,” and at Cornerstone we value them highly. We can learn valuable lessons from their inquisitive minds and trusting spirits. Children are an opportunity for us to shape the future and raise up a generation that will love and serve the Lord. Cornerstone offers many opportunities…




The Goal of Cornerstones Youth Ministry is to lead teenagers in a lifelong fulfilling relationship with Jesus Christ. Our desire is lead teens into maturity, to lay a strong biblical foundation that will last long past Jr high or High School and enable them to live victoriously for Christ in their daily lives. Our youth group is an exciting…

Senior Adults Ministry

Senior Adults

Our seniors ministry is called SonShine Fellowship. We are an active group of Seniors (65 and over) and retirees who enjoy good food, fun, and fellowship with one another. We serve at the Cherry Street Mission every second Tuesday of the month. We take day-trips and attend special events monthly throughout the year.